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Updated 8/11/2016
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The ending tournament has been posted. Teams must have owed money paid before they will be permitted to play. Please see there are 2 schedules posted. One schedule is using 3 fields and the other is using 2 fields. If the rain contiues field 1 may not be playable. Please note that the use of 2 fields has an earlier start time. Please makee sure your team is aware of the 2 scenerios.

The league standings have been updated.  Any games that are not made-up will be considered forfeits and by league rules you will be responsible for paying the umpires. Any teams who still owe umpires money will not be permitted to play in the season ending tournament.

The girls are done providing a concession stand for the rest of the season.

REMINDER: The ending tournament is SATURDAY August 13th. It will continue into Sunday if we need to.

This year all bats must have the thumbprint stamp. If your bat does not have this stamp, it CANNOT be used. Below is a picture of the required stamp.

The fields are able to be rented every Friday or Saturday for a small fee. Please contact Mary Sternthal, 330-565-1558, to schedule a date to host a tournament. Fields are available to those at a first come first serve basis.

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The address of the fields are 264 Porter Road Greenville, PA 16125

There will be no refunds to any team for any reason.

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